Meet the Team

Taslim Parsons – Business and product development Manager

Tas, looks after the day to day running of Wholesale Solutions and ensure that our customers get the right products at the very best price. Tas has over 25 years of sales and marketing experience in telecommunications, media, entertainment and the charity sector.

Tas is a mother of two and is passionate about this industry. Tas is also the woman behind Share Satisfaction and its sub brands.



Etienne Raubenheimer - Business Operations Manager – Dragon Street

Etienne, or ET as we call him, looks after our warehouse at Dragon Street where he manages our team of around 20 warehouse staff. With nearly 30 years of leadership experience in hospitality and transport logistics, ET takes care of the day-to-day operations as well as project managing a long list of asset and process improvements.




Ryan Kindell - Developer

Ryan is our IT whizz, our statistics genius and all-round great guy. Ryan started working in our warehouse as a student and moved to our office team when he graduated. Having a major in statistics and not computer science, Ryan has transitioned into our web developer for a spicy career change.




The Warehouse Team

Our team is an amazing group of people that work so hard to get your orders out, ensure that returns are handled and manage the delivery and storage of over 30,000 lines of adult toys and pleasure products, it’s a huge job. These are the guys that make the wheels of our business turn.